Mothers Priceless gifts to me and you

  1. I visited my friend’s house last week, we had a very long conversation concerning the happenings in the country and our individual struggles. As this conversation was going on, I noticed a small goat at the premises crying and running around. We paused our conversation and paid attention towards that direction. As we were watching, we noticed an uncomfortable situation. After some minutes, the mother came out from somewhere, the small goat ran happily and embrace the mother. This signifies the importance of a mother in a family.

In life, there are different stages associated with growth. No one was created instantly to be old. In the formation of an offspring, most of the preliminary stages occurred inside the mother’s womb. At cost of this formation, mothers feel pains and hard times. After nine months of pregnancy, mother will give birth to a child. Mummy will continue to breastfeed the child for some months. After that, mother continue to prevent harm from befalling the child until that child grows up. Mother organises the family and makes things flow in order. Mother cooks for the family. Mother….Uncountable!!!

Nowadays, the so called children that mothers suffered for doesn’t give joy to the mothers. Many people have forgotten what mothers saw while giving birth to them. Listen, mothers are going through these pains because they believe that after these sufferings, the end product would be jubilation, happiness and relaxation. Unfortunately, many have contradicted this motive if every mother.

Work hard to make your mother proud because that is her expectation. Deceased? If yes, Also work hard because her soul will rejoice if you ensure that all her efforts were not in vain.

Cherish your mother, make her proud and always make her happy.


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