Seven Keys Against Life Measles

Measles is a highly infectious illness caused by the rubeola virus.
However, if measles enters an area where the people have never been exposed, the result can be devastating.

When I was small, I witnessed that if one gets infected with measles, there is a liquid medicine called “Seven Keys” which has the capacity of eradicating the measles and enable the patient obtain a smooth skin again.

In life, many things have served as measles, keeping the smoothness of the road to success uttered. As the medicinal seven keys eradicates the measles against the skin, I shall disclose the seven keys that discards the measles against achieving goals and more success. When man thinks that all hope is lost, note, this dangerous infection has occurred. If you are a type that always feel intimidated and outdated among your contemporaries, stay tuned and grab these seven keys that will shun the spirit of intimidation.

Listen, you don’t need only human beings for your survival. You need God, resources and right humans for your success. I want to, through this medium, communicate to you that you are the resources of your success.

Seven Keys:

1. Initiative : This is the ability to take the first step or make the first move in order to accomplish a goal. Many people today have potentials lying unexcited in them. Many are oasis of ideas, creativity and visions but measles of destiny has distorted the nature of such qualities. Don’t allow ideas die in your hands. Make a positive move in achieving a goal. Never quit on the way. ( Make a research on a Perkinston little girl who transformed the Nation through giving girls freedom of studying like boys for more motivation)

2. Personal development : This is the conscious efforts made to improve the capacity of mind which results to critical thinking and availability of solutions to problems. Keep Developing yourself until the time and opportunity comes. Albert Einstein said: I will study and wait when, the time will come. Prepare now and see the better tomorrow. (Make research on Abraham Lincoln for more motivation)

3. Innovation : This implies adopting a new consent and better ideas in certain fields of life. Show me a man who is successful today, I will show you a man who is innovative. Any field you find yourself, across the world, there are thousands of people in it. Your chance of excellence depends on how innovative you are. Fill the vacuum with innovative thinking. (Read about Mark Zuckerberg)…

4. Professionalism: Means going extra miles in getting the best version of anything and at the same time, having no spirit of backwardness. Your quality of being a professional distinguishes you from thousands in the same field. Build yourself to become a professional in life. It is one of the keys that will eradicate measles against destiny. ( Read about a professional Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson)

5. Relativity: This means the state of being relative to something. What are my relative to? This a big question you should ask yourself. Be always relative to your vision and goals to avoid contradiction and disappointment. Don’t be deceived by friends, bothers, sisters or any other person. Focus and follow your mind if you know you are doing the right thing. (Read about Albert Einstein)

6. Passion: This is the ability to be committed to the pursuit and investment of energy to get to the finished line. Before you delve or venture into anything, the passion for that thing must be there. In the absence of passion, success cannot be achieved. (Read about Frank Edward)

7. Compassion: Being considerate about the welfare of others. It is said that givers never lack. Many people who made it today doesn’t consider the so called less privileged relevant. Remember, for one to see above contemporaries, one must stand on the shoulder of giants. God made giants and keep in every angle of this life. Be a giant one can temporarily stand on if you know that truly you are one of them. Give and more shall be given to you.



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