Reasons We Ought To Be Very Careful This Period.

Reasons We Ought To Be More Careful This Period.

I can recall vividly when I heard many people making comments on how to go back to different areas of residence and how they planned to make money and firm just for the sake of this period we are into now. There are two different ways one can make money and showcase it this period we are into now. It’s either your money comes from CLOCKWISE DIRECTION or ANTICLOCKWISE DIRECTION.

For the clockwise direction wealth or money, efforts, patience, hard work, gradual process, wisdom, consistency and loyalty are all involved. From this direction, you make a peaceful money, you won’t be disturbed monthly or yearly to achieve a consensus bloody task. Also, from this direction, if you are coming back for a season like this one we are into now, your rest of mind is assured. You will not be a part of irrelevant expenses.

For the Anticlockwise direction wealth or money, sacrifices, indulgence in occultism is paramount, taking in of substances not suitable for well being of Man is required, killing of ordered gender is involved, fraudulent activity is a necessity, Blood sacrifices must have its place, a lot of unpleasant activities are involved. In this direction, things seems to work out very fast but at the same time, very brutal. People are involved in this direction because they think that following the clockwise direction is an absolute waste of time.

Most people who left their different villages to their places of residence in January 2018, have now in their agenda, how to visit villages again. Not all are coming back with wealth or money made from clockwise direction. Some haven’t made many at all, but intents to make it very quickly during arrival. The big question is: How do they intend to make such money within weeks? The answer is through Anticlockwise direction.

We ought to be careful enough this season. Many things are happening. Beware of those you call your friends and besties. Be conscious of your movements. Don’t be eager to fell into trap because of how needy that particular thing is.

A woman was found yesterday, beheaded in Trans-Ekulu, Enugu state, Nigeria. The lady was found with her head no more. This is as a result of one of the characteristics of making money via Anticlockwise Direction.

Be security conscious always!!!

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