Abuja Kicks Mohammadu Buhari Out

In a sudden turn of event, Muhammadu Buhari the flagbearer of the rulling APC has been given a huge red card in the citadel of power. This is unexpected since the city is the footstool of power.

The loss is so bad that Buhari lost even in Aso Rock Vila; something that is unheard of, for a sitting president. As it is, the APC is presently losing Abuja with a 70% margin.

In polling unit 020 Banex junction / Banex Road Wuse 2, the APC took a bloody nose by scoring – 281while the PDP coasted to victory with – 612. This is the same case in Unit 020A (Garki Abuja) where the presidential result saw APC scoring 38 and PDP bagging 160.

This calls to attention the speculated abysmal leadership of the rulling APC and the need to kick them out through the ballot.

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