Nzekwe Samuel Rants From Federal University Of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)

#NzekweSamuel #Rants Again.

China on the March,Lagos is overrated, as Dubai insults me.

China is at it one more time and only God In heaven knows how much longer they would continue to stay on things like this before the world ends.

Meet the new generation electric bus by Chinese BYD auto company that is changing the face of global transportation beginning with China.
This buses are 4times the size of the current BRT buses in Lagos and can cover a 300kilometer journey on a maximum speed of 70km/hour on a one charge energy!!!
By the way, as a friend of mine once said I think this our Lagos is overrated, how can I go and drop my boss at the airport and he gets to London before I get home?

That’s not the point now though, the point is that China is beginning to test my patience.
The worst part is that these bus cabins are detachable to suite road conditions as at when needed.

Imagine these buses in Lagos??
Bad news!!!
Only am go be traffick!!!

Anyways, the fight against crude oil dependent energy seems to be gaining momentum…. This people no wan wait till 2021 again o.

I hear that Dubai now wants to cancel the 3months visa allowance for tourists with Nigerian passport. Lol, are they mad?
Who told them that I would leave the whole of the statue kingdom were I come from to their hot desert with tourism as my reason for coming…. Lol, I think those who claim is tourism should henceforth be arrested. If you want tourism, come to IMO state before Rochas leaves and call me to take you around.

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