Suicide, Depression, And A Country Called Nigeria

Written By A Student Of Federal University Of Technology, Owerri.

Name: Uzoma Wisdom Kelechukwu.

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Let’s Address The Issue Of Depression And Suicide, In A Country Called Nigeria.

The words Suicide and Depression, if currently searched on Google, the SEO is being ranked more than any other words you can think of, as far as your search is within the country, Nigeria. This is because of the high rate of suicidal issues emerging from different locations of the said country.

Fees days ago, a gospel artist of RCCG, by name, Michael Arowosaiye, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself with his belt. This incident happened in Sunnyvale Estate, Lokogoma district, Abuja. What exactly was detected as the cause of the suicidal issue? The answer is simply: Depression over certain personal issues – Punch

Again, some days back, a 400 – level student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), by name, Chukwuemeka Akachi, committed suicide. This incident Occured in an uncompleted building, located at Sullivan Road, Nsukka. This suicidal case was through the intake of two bottles “SNIPER” – Sahara Reporters.

Now, having given two typical and recent suicidal cases in Nigeria, let’s look at the meaning of these two words, SUICIDE AND DEPRESSION.

Suicide: Intentional killing of oneself, as a kind of action or social phenomenon. Words, synonymous to suicide include:

1. Self-killing
2. Self-murder
3. Self-slaughter
4. Self-slaying.

Depression: This pertains to human psychology. In Psychotherapy and Psychiatry, depression is a period of unhappiness or low morale, which lasts longer than several weeks and may include Ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide.

Paying much attention to the meaning of depression, you will understand the tendency of depression bringing about suicide. Many things can cause a man to be depressed. But, looking from the angle of this article, let’s discuss depression within the country, Nigeria.

Nigeria is a highly volatile country where hardships, challenges, problems and agents of depression are part of our everyday life. The main reason behind the state of being depressed in Nigeria is our economy. A man will wake up in the morning, the first thing that comes in his mind is the welfare of the family in an economically bankrupt country. A student who is studying in higher institution, in most cases, due to parent’s inability to meet up with certain things, state of depression is being invited. A graduate with wonderful grades will seek for job for many years after graduation. This state of life brings about depression. What exactly can be done in this country, in order to make it better?

Nigeria is ranked the fifth suicidal prone country in whole world. This was according to July 29, 2018 spectra index published by World Health Organization. This ranking is absolutely bad and unappreciative. The funny part of it is that, most of suicidal cases here, is as result of depression in a depressed atmosphere.

I do tell people that “Ones ability to survive in Nigeria, means his ability to survive elsewhere.” Ignorance to the perils of depression might be a cause for lack of attention. If you don’t know what depression is, and that you need help to treat or manage it, you see your suicidal thoughts as your only option. But, SUICIDE is never the best option.

Always adapt to the lifestyle of opening up to your trusted people. Don’t allow an issue to eat you up. It might lead to doing what you didn’t even plan to do. That your good friend, brother, sister, mother or father, may be able to proffer solution to that predicament. Speak up!!!

Dear Nigerians, I’m praying for a better and depression-free country, where men will appreciate their economic development and growth. As depression has become a daily encounter of an average Nigerian, it is mandatory that we learn that Suicide is never an option in that state. Many have hung themselves, many have taken in bottles of SNIPER, thinking that it’s the best option to stay away from this issue. Making the steps of taking your own life will do more harm than good.

Don’t take away your precious life. Don’t think that all hope is lost. Don’t make yet, a negative conclusion about your life. Be patient, the right time is beside you. Remember, with God all things are possible. Therefore, trust in God and everything will be gradually put in place.

Suicide Is Never A Tool Again Depression, Rather, Patience, Peace Of Mind And ‘Trust In God’, Are The Only Perfect Tools.

Thanks For Reading.

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