Promise Udoka Azuonwu, A Postulant In The Anglican Communion Rubuffs Pastors Who Add Worldly Titles To Their Names.

Certain behavioural changes in the way MEN OF GOD of nowadays ascribe tittles to themselves has caught the attention of one the highly reputable men of God, in Anglican communion, Owerri ecclesiastical province, Orlu Diocese. From his article exhibiting unadulterated truth, he condemned this act.

This man of God, by name Promise Udoka Azuonwu, has showed what a true and God fearing man of God should desist from, in terms of tittles and dangerous names.

God in His ad-infinitum love and mercy has mandated us to preach the Gospel, pray for the sick, cast away demons, possess our territories. One of the things God did not institute and install is unnecessary titles which are now prevalent in this contemporary society.

It baffles me when I see Pastors who advertise themselves by adding dangerous titles which are unscriptural, thereby sampling themselves with identity tags such as: Prophetic Ambassador, Oyokometer, Excessive Prophetic Grace, Excess Fire, Demon Destroyer, Man of fire, last bus stop, Prophetic Mantle etc.
Brethren these identity tags are demonic, dangerous and can kill easily, identity tag is a honey that kills champions.

It is worthy to note that you can be a champion but a local champion. Jesus in His almightiness didn’t add any of these yet He conquered death and hades. I beseech the 21st Century Pastors to desist from identity tag, and shun this thrend which is about to tread where Angels fear to tread.

It is gradually creeping into the Christian faith. It is important we look into the lives of Great Men God has been using in Nigeria, the last time I checked I didn’t see Bishop Oyedepo add “Prophetic Faith”, I didn’t see Bishop Ikeakor add “Salvation Bulldozer”, I didn’t see Adeboye add “Grace Ambassador”, I didn’t see Gbile Akani add ” Ambassador of Salvation”, I didn’t see Uma Ukpai add “Oyokometer”… Where did we learn this?

It is high time we salvaged our generation by telling them the truth. People invite you to Programs because you can raise fund, that’s fine. But how many souls have you raised. Let’s avoid these lies from the pit of hell.

Jesus is coming soon, Let Jesus not come and meet you with “Prophetic Ambassador, Oyokometer etc”.

By Promise Udoka Azuonwu, A Postulant In The Anglican Communion.


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